Editor’s Note: This blog is written in response to inflammatory comments made by Representative Michele Bachmann during a recent interview.  A link to the interview can be found at the bottom of the post.   For the last six weeks, I have been interning with the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), and through this work […]Continue Reading
In observation of The Welcome.us Immigrant Heritage Month campaign, Glee alum Naya Rivera has directed a compelling PSA offering viewers a glimpse of the cultural elements of immigration. The three minute video, written by Paula Mendoza, is set in New York City and depicts the rich and diverse backgrounds of immigrants to the United States. […]Continue Reading
I used to think I loved and understood immigrants. I taught ESL in the States to immigrant and refugee children during the day and helped with free ESL classes for their parents at night. I volunteered with refugee youth groups and activities and lived in a neighborhood with a high immigrant population. I had taken […]Continue Reading

Mere blocks away from where I went to high school were two gas stations–One right across the street from the other. The word on the street was that one was one gang’s territory and, not […]Continue Reading

I read two articles last week that seem to contradict one another.  First, I saw a new poll by Gallup on the topic of immigration: they found that 88% of Americans—including 83% of self-described conservatives—now support what has been the most controversial element of recent immigration reform legislation: allowing undocumented immigrants who meet certain […]Continue Reading
On Wednesday, Republican members of the House of Representatives met in a closed-door meeting to discuss the issue of immigration reform. According to news outlets, the results of the meeting were simultaneously disappointing and hopeful for the prospects of comprehensive immigration reform. On the one hand, it seems that as a whole, House Republicans have […]Continue Reading
Somewhere in between the excruciating contractions that, after about twenty hours, led to my beautiful daughter, Zipporah, being born a few weeks ago, my wife began to curse Eve.  According to the biblical account, after Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God’s command, God punished Eve—and womankind after her—declaring that he would make “pains in […]Continue Reading
Editor’s Note: Eloisa Haynes is married to Nick Haynes, who shared their story from his perspective in an earlier G92 blog. In light of the immigration debate, I feel compelled to share my story with you. My name is Eloisa, and you might have seen me at the gym, or at the […]Continue Reading
Heather Ruark is an American citizen who married a undocumented immigrant. Her story is typical of many families who are deeply impacted by immigration issues.  I can still recall the moment I thought I was going to be able to separate my love life from immigration issues. Horacio and I had just started dating, thanks […]Continue Reading

Victory – Part 1

On June 28, 2013 By
Cooperation. Common sense. Courage. These are not words that most would associate with the political processes which take place in nation’s capital. Yet yesterday afternoon, the Senate displayed these traits – and several other commendable ones – when Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike when they overwhelmingly voted to pass S.744, the historic comprehensive immigration reform […]Continue Reading
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