I keep asking myself, “Where are all the immigrants?” in all these conversations about immigration reform. Well, there is Marco Rubio, who in my opinion has has not been an unequivocal champion for the Latino people or immigration reform. This summer, I have been interning on Capitol Hill at a faith based organization. After a […]Continue Reading
Quick: what’s the first word that you think of when you hear the word “stranger.”   According to wordassociation.org, one of the most common associations is “danger.”  I grew up watching public service announcements on children’s television that helped engrain that connotation into my mind.  Strangers were people to be afraid of, to avoid, […]Continue Reading
Immigration reform policies seem to be moving forward in Congress, and a number of folks have asked me recently: so what can I do?  I thought I’d briefly highlight seven ways that pretty much anyone can help: 1)     Pray.  We’re serious about this: I want to challenge you to pray daily.  Pray more than daily—that […]Continue Reading

As discussions in Congress about immigration reform heat up, Christians should step back and ask how the Bible might inform their own view on immigration. Could the Bible have something to contribute to the national debate about changing immigration law?

Where do we begin the […]Continue Reading

An Immigrant’s Heart

On June 12, 2013 By

A True Life Story

I know what it’s like to want to do the right thing, but you can’t.  When you’re hanging onto faith like a life jacket and it’s a battle to not sink into depression and hopelessness. It’s easy for people who are not affected by this tough Immigration issue to judge […]Continue Reading
A couple weeks ago, there was a letter in our mailbox addressed to “Resident.”  I nearly tossed it into the garbage: usually important mail comes from people who know my name.  I opened the letter, though, and did my best to decipher the legalese language as I climbed the stairs to my apartment.  One […]Continue Reading

Our church has been going through a series of messages on discipleship. Two weeks ago, I was in the Great Commission text (Matthew 28:16-20) and this week I was in the ascension text in Acts 1:6-11. These both are part of Jesus’ final words to his disciples before he returned […]Continue Reading
Originally posted on patheos.com You may know the song “People Are Strange” by The Doors that sings of people being strange and looking ugly when you are a stranger and alone. How people view you and me often shapes our views of them. Do you ever encounter people who view […]Continue Reading

On Friday morning, I spoke in the chapel service at Bethel University, as part of the campus’ G92 event.  Let me fill you in on a little secret: usually, when I’m asked to give a talk at a chapel, or at a conference, or at a church, I basically just […]Continue Reading

Twelve years ago, I proudly lived and served as the resident director in Edgren Hall, the residence hall named after the founder of Bethel University — John Alexis Edgren. Edgren grew up in Karlstad, Sweden, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1862. Today, I live in south Minneapolis where many of […]Continue Reading
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