Last Thursday night, President Obama announced that he would use his executive authority to stay the deportation of millions of ordinary immigrants without legal documentation. This landmark decision stirred strong reactions, not only from right and left of the political aisle, but among the Christian community. As I’ve been thinking on […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s Note: As today is the 50th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech, delivered during the 1963 March on Washington, we revisit a post that appeared earlier on our blog in January 2013 reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. The post has been slightly edited. […]Continue Reading
        “It’s the economy, stupid!” Poll after poll shows that American voters’ top priorities for our government to address are economic issues such as unemployment and job creation. America’s concern over unemployment makes perfect sense. For one thing, a country obviously cannot achieve its full potential while suffering from high unemployment. For […]Continue Reading
 The growing support for immigration reform among evangelical Christians has been getting a lot of traction in the media these last few months. This new awareness of the presence of evangelicals is good on a couple of fronts. On the one hand, it suggests that religion still matters in this country, at least to some […]Continue Reading
Editor’s note: As the Willow Creek Association’s 2013 Global Leadership Summit just concluded last weekend, we are running one of Matthew Soerens’ previous blogs in which he reflected on the 2011 Global Leadership Summit.   Last Thursday and Friday, along with tens of thousands of Christian leaders at satellite sites across the country (the rest […]Continue Reading
I’d dare to venture that there’s almost no one who has not, at one point or another, done something that was illegal.  I speed.  On a daily basis.  Not necessarily by a lot, but it seems to me that it would actually be unsafe to go 55 miles per hour on most of the Interstates […]Continue Reading
I read two articles last week that seem to contradict one another.  First, I saw a new poll by Gallup on the topic of immigration: they found that 88% of Americans—including 83% of self-described conservatives—now support what has been the most controversial element of recent immigration reform legislation: allowing undocumented immigrants who meet certain […]Continue Reading
On Wednesday, Republican members of the House of Representatives met in a closed-door meeting to discuss the issue of immigration reform. According to news outlets, the results of the meeting were simultaneously disappointing and hopeful for the prospects of comprehensive immigration reform. On the one hand, it seems that as a whole, House Republicans have […]Continue Reading

Victory – Part 1

On June 28, 2013 By
Cooperation. Common sense. Courage. These are not words that most would associate with the political processes which take place in nation’s capital. Yet yesterday afternoon, the Senate displayed these traits – and several other commendable ones – when Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike when they overwhelmingly voted to pass S.744, the historic comprehensive immigration reform […]Continue Reading
It’s important to acknowledge and understand the experiences of others. Acknowledgment/awareness of other people and of their experiences drives understanding. Understanding drives compassion, and compassion – literally, the act of suffering with – ultimately leads to action. My friend Alexia Salvatierra often references the example of Jesus in Mark 6:34: “When Jesus landed and […]Continue Reading
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