My work with World Relief is primarily focused on helping churches to think through the issue of immigration, putting together a biblical framework with the realities of immigration that the United States is currently facing. One of my favorite churches to work with in this regard has been Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago. Willow’s leadership has very thoughtfully and carefully considered how, as a church and as individual leaders, they should respond. What I’ve most appreciated about Bill and Lynne Hybels and the staff and elders at Willow is the way that they have committed to addressing the issue: refusing, as Bill has said, to turn the church into a political machine, but also refusing to bury their heads in the sand.  While it’s easier for a pastor to discuss the issue quietly and maybe even talk to legislators, but never bring the topic before the congregation, Bill felt it was important to discuss and explain the church’s concern publicly. Last summer, we did that when Bill and Willow’s director for Compassion & Justice Ministries, Heather Larson, interviewed me during Willow’s midweek service.  With their permission, we share the video of that event here.  The second part of the interview is on the next page.

3 Responses to Bill Hybels Interviews Matthew Soerens, Part I

  1. This first half was very thought-provoking. Particularly so because of that the simple fact stated that there is no avenue by which undocumented aliens can “make things right” through legal means in the United States. That is the issue that most concerns me from the standpoint of being a church leader – “How can I help illegal immigrants, who become associated with the church, become legal and sort out their twisted situation of status?”

    How can I arrange to have this video shown in my church?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by The SEEP Network, rick champ, Jesse Oxford,, Matthew Soerens and others. Matthew Soerens said: New video blog on @undocumentedtv: @BillHybels & Heather Larson of Willow Creek interview me about immigration: […]

  3. This is such an excellent video. I really admire the work that Pastor Hybels is stepping out against what has become part of our “Christian culture” and doing the difficult work of figuring out how to faithfully minister to immigrants. I want every Christian I know to see this video. I also admire Matthew for the work he’s doing, challenging the Church to see God’s call to immigrants through scripture.

    No More Slavery

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