Blog by: Juliana Martinez Last Wednesday, the New York Times published a powerful narrative written by Jose Antonio Vargas. He is a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and recently “came out” as an undocumented immigrant. (take a moment and read the article if you haven’t already. It’s worth it). In light of his “coming out” as undocumented, Juan has launched a website challenging us to redefine “American” and rethink immigration. Here is his video:   Upon the conclusion of video we are presented with a simple question: What would you do? I love that question because it demands action. Still, the question that we must struggle with is not simply: what would you do in those cases provided. The question now is: what will you do now. It can be easy to ignore the question if you are not directly affected by immigration. But when one part of the Christian body hurts, we all hurt. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are hurting, so what now? What is the Christian response? We have mentioned, in a previous blog post, Pastor Rick Warren‘s quote: “The church must always show compassion, always… A good Samaritan doesn’t stop and ask the injured person. ‘Are you legal or illegal?’” If Christians ignore the question presented in front of them, are we walking around the injured person lying on the side of the road? what will you do now?  

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