Editor’s Note: This post originally ran December 14, 2012 on the G92.org blog. Last year my wife and I left suburban NJ for Brooklyn, NY.  On a map they seem so close; it’s only in person that you realize how different they really are.  Like any immigrant, I looked at my surroundings […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by Samuel Tsoi In the absence of comprehensive immigration reform legislation, a central demand by advocates is the just and humane treatment of undocumented immigrants and ending the deportation of the majority of undocumented immigrants who do no harm to communities.   Record number of immigrants has been deported since 2008, […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by Josh Hanson   Under what circumstances is it acceptable for Christians to use violence?  For most of us, this question barely requires any thought at all.  We are all familiar with the exhortations to “love your enemies,” to “put away violence and oppression,” and to “turn the other cheek.”  Of course, […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by Adam Gustine There are days when, if you were walking around my neighborhood and you didn’t know better, you couldn’t be sure that you were still in America. I live in the hub of three major ethnic communities in south Brooklyn. I’m a pastor at a church that is literally the […]Continue Reading
Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan and author of various books, is a leading evangelical thinker. Known for his sharp intellect, what has always impressed me about Keller is the humility apparent in his writing. He’s admired by evangelical leaders across the spectrum, from Billy Graham and […]Continue Reading
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