“I will call them my people, who were not my people. And her beloved, who was not beloved.” (Romans 9:25 referencing Hosea 2:23) Estranged, alienated, and removed; anyone living in an industrialized modern society in the 21st century would be able to define, or at least identify the sentiments of these words. Our […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Donald Balla Justices shot their questions. Lawyers responded. Bloggers wrote commentaries about oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court over Arizona Senate Bill 1070. The justices are now pouring over all the evidence and ideas. Expect a written decision in June. This article is about what that U.S. Supreme Court decision […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Glen Peterson The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference presented a Champions of Justice Award to Matthew Soerens, co-founder of g92.org and US Church Training Specialist with World Relief. He won the award for his groundbreaking and tireless work for immigrants and immigration reform. The award was presented at […]Continue Reading

Casa de Paz

On May 3, 2012 By
Guest Blog by: Sarah Jackson After a long, exhausting day of traveling I collapsed into a little heap on the dirty Phoenix airport floor. I just spent three weeks traveling and was ready to be home. My return flight was delayed until the following day. My feet ached, the muscles in my body were sore […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Robert Chao Romero On April 25, the United States Supreme Court ruled on the constitutionality of Arizona’s controversial SB-1070 law.   This mean-spirited anti-immigrant legislation allows state law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of individuals as part of a lawful arrest, stop, or detention if they have “reasonable suspicion” the […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Jim Ball “My grandfather, father and I have worked these lands.  But times have changed…the rain is coming later now, so that we produce less.  The only solution is to go away, at least for a while [to the United States].”

— immigrant from Mexico

Global warming and immigration are […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Robert Chao Romero, J.D., Ph.D. I wouldn’t normally think to write a blog about bullying, but this time it’s personal.  Last week a beautiful mixed-race Asian-Latino boy named Teddy Molina committed suicide in Corpus Christi, Texas because of bullying.  I take it really personal because I am also Asian-Latino and I […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Tony Choi If I could, I would drive to my church. The great state of New Jersey does not issue driver’s licenses to undocumented residents (yet), so I usually rely on my pastor for a ride to church.  As Define American’s Jose Antonio Vargas puts it, he is a […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Heidi Moll Schoedel “Why don’t you cut them down?” That was the response of my Eritrean friend when she first arrived in the United States, in the middle of a harsh winter.  Everywhere she looked, she saw dead trees.  They clustered around houses, lined streets and filled yards. “Why do […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Christopher D. Cook This blog was originally posted on Alternet.org. It is reprinted with permission from the author. The original post can be found here. Cesar Chavez, the champion of farmworkers’ rights who gets his annual day of state recognition Saturday, March 31, must be rolling in his grave. It’s […]Continue Reading
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