Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on efcatoday.org as part of a series of articles on this issue. Permission was given by the moderator to repost. In dealing with undocumented immigrants, some contend that the only proper policy is to abide by the letter of the law—simply send […]Continue Reading

What We Stand For

On November 8, 2013 By
      Last week, I was in Washington, D.C. with the Evangelical Immigration Table and several host organizations such as Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform.  The event was called “Americans for Reform.”  This was my third trip to D.C., all for similar events. I have participated in press conferences and […]Continue Reading
Recently, I was invited by some friends to join them at an event to support immigration reform.  The event was held at a local park in Denver and was a part of a larger, national effort which held over 150 rallies in 40 states across the country to show House leaders local […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on Sojourners. Permission was given by moderator to repost. When one reads the Old Testament Law, one is struck by the amount of attention given to those from the outside–Hebrew ger, the sojourner (or alien or stranger, depending on the English translation). Peoples […]Continue Reading
Last week, I had the privileged and honor of attending Immigrant Pathways Institute in Chicago. Basically, I spent about 9-10 hours a day learning, studying, and researching our current immigration laws. Additionally, I was able to engage in some challenging theological discussion with seminary students, Biblical theologians, professors, pastors, and lawyers. After only a week of […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by Diana Soerens   “Monsieur Curé,” said the man, “you are good; you don’t despise me. You take me into your house; you light your candle for me, and I haven’t hid from you where I came from, and how miserable I am.”   The bishop, who was sitting near him, touched his […]Continue Reading
Most Americans—polls consistently show—recognize that the mass deportation of the approximately 10.8 million immigrants living in the United States unlawfully is not the best solution to our country’s immigration problems.  Mass deportation, any way that you look at it, would be incredibly costly: the Department of Homeland Security estimates the cost at […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by John Lamb   Several months ago, I was buying a “tres leches” cake at a bakery called “La Espiga” here in Nashville. If you haven’t tasted tres leches cake, it’s kind of moist. I don’t really have a taste for it, but it’s my wife’s favorite, and it was her birthday. As […]Continue Reading

The Fallout

On April 1, 2011 By
Guest Blog by Kellye Fabian   God’s calling on my life is to tell stories—stories of His greatness, stories of how He works in and through me, stories of how He works in and through others.  Over the last two years, in connection with my legal aid ministry work, God has exposed me to so […]Continue Reading
A few months ago, The New York Times ran a front-page story about the strong support coming from evangelical leaders like Richard Land, Bill Hybels, Mat Staver, and Samuel Rodriguez for a comprehensive reform of our nation’s immigration laws. While I appreciated the article as a whole, I thought […]Continue Reading
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