Editors Note: Every Friday, we will try to feature one of our G92 Fellows as guest contributors. G92 Fellows are a group of college students who are committed to mobilizing their campuses around the country for immigration reform. “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly […]Continue Reading
      Private prison corporations have sold the American public a lie, and we have bought it without question. The lie is that immigration detention–the incarceration of 34,000 non-citizens every day–is necessary to protect the American public and the integrity of our borders. However, private prisons and the federal government have failed to tell us that […]Continue Reading

Bill Hybels says that casting a vision is the process of inspiring people to move from “here” to “there.”  We often think that to “sell” a vision, we need to paint a compelling picture of “there,” he says, when we really need to make the case for […]Continue Reading

For the literally millions of American evangelicals who say that they want to stop the evil of human trafficking, there’s an urgent need to move from passionate sentiment to specific action. The U.S. House of Representatives is considering a bill this week, H.R. 4970, that would dramatically limit the relief available to foreign-born victims of human trafficking and other violent crimes, and in the process hinder law enforcement’s efforts to prosecute traffickers. Continue Reading
Update — May 8, 2012 — The House Judiciary Committee approved, by a 17-15 vote, H.R. 4970, the bill discussed below.  After much debate, each of the troubling provisions mentioned below was left within the bill.  It now moves to the full House of Representatives for a vote, so we encourage everyone to […]Continue Reading
Immigration can be an overwhelming topic.  While political pundits on both sides of a policy debate tend to reduce the matter to a simple, black-and-white issue, the reality is that immigration is complex.  There are economic, cultural and political ramifications to how we respond to the arrival of immigrants to our country. Christians also […]Continue Reading
January has been designated by the President as Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  Last Wednesday, on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, my Twitter feed was filled with folks raising awareness about the reality of human trafficking. They were challenging the Church, in particular, to respond both with prayer and action to abolish this […]Continue Reading
Sexuality, like immigration, is too taboo a topic to be discussed in most churches–but it’s too important to simply be left un-examined, especially for the many single individuals in the Church. The biblical call to chastity is clear, but, like their married counterparts, single immigration reform activists were created by God as sexual beings. Does faithfulness to Scripture simply mean suppressing all sexual desire?Continue Reading
Guest Blog by Anna Campbell   Esther escaped El Salvador after members of a political group threatened to kill her. She was beaten, abused and scared for her life and her children’s safety. If she did not leave the country, she knew that she would be at risk. When Esther arrived to the United […]Continue Reading
Blog by: Juliana Martinez Last month The Heritage Foundation published a report entitled, “The Human Tragedy of Illegal Immigration: Greater Efforts Needed to Combat Smuggling and Violence.” The report describes a disconcerting reality: immigration is littered with gut-wrenching corruption and heart-breaking violence. It is interesting to note that recent studies have detailed a decease in immigration […]Continue Reading
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