Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Lina AbuJamra’s personal blog in December 2014. Our country is partisan on so many issues these days. The latest divisive issue is the issue of immigration reform. What should the American government do with the millions of undocumented residents of the United States of […]Continue Reading

Amnesty and Grace

On March 21, 2013 By
Even as popular opinion—and the opinions of a growing number of Members of Congress—seems to be shifting in favor of immigration reform legislation, the American public is still very much wary of the idea of amnesty.  The concept is so unpopular that population control groups seeking to dramatically reduce immigration levels apply […]Continue Reading

Glimpses of Grace

On February 22, 2012 By
Guest Blog by: Jesus Romero The concept of grace is fundamental to Christianity.  In fact, if anyone asked me to name the most important word in the Bible, other than “Jesus”, it would be, without a doubt, the word “grace”. There are many different ways to define grace, but the one that nails it […]Continue Reading
People have asked me why I am so taken with the undocumented immigrant. There are law-abiding people who need your help, they say. Good point. Why do the stories of the undocumented immigrants touch the deepest parts of my soul? Why do I remember their stories more vividly than all the others I have heard in my work at the Willow Creek Legal Aid Ministry? Why is it that I can still see the eyes of the undocumented immigrants when I close mine? Why do their stories, so different from mine, seem like part of my own story? After all, I grew up downtown Chicago in an upper-middle class white family. I have never gone without anything I need. I attended the best schools and enjoy any number of privileges. The undocumented immigrants I have met have experienced a very different kind of life, one with very little schooling, if any, and even less privilege. Continue Reading
A few months ago, The New York Times ran a front-page story about the strong support coming from evangelical leaders like Richard Land, Bill Hybels, Mat Staver, and Samuel Rodriguez for a comprehensive reform of our nation’s immigration laws. While I appreciated the article as a whole, I thought […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by Bob Ekblad I drive across the Skagit River, and head out across the fertile farmland of Fir Island on my way to visit don Feliciano, a Mixtec farmworker who pastors a Mixtec-speaking congregation called Iglesia de Jesucristo. I pass wintering snow geese and recently harvested potato fields, stopping where cars are parked […]Continue Reading

Walls and Fences

On February 9, 2011 By
We live in a world of walls. We put up fences around our suburban homes and bars on our windows. We place razor wire around our businesses and churches. We construct walls to keep immigrants from entering our country.Continue Reading
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