Let’s be honest, fear fuels much of the political activism in this country, on both sides. Sometimes it’s advocacy groups with their latest fundraising letter or email sharing how the other side is “this close” to destroying the America we know. Sometimes it’s cable news shows with their smartly designed graphics, ominous music, and […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Kristen Bruce Earlier this year, I helped host an immigration discussion night at my university. We showed a short film I put together of undocumented immigrants and these are a few excerpts from the interviews (for privacy, names have been changed).

Tell the story of how you came to […]Continue Reading

Guest Blog by Bethany Anderson Osama bin Laden is dead. The world is celebrating? Let me start by saying that, as the wife of someone who lost his grandmother in the 9/11 attacks, I know full well the devastation this man has caused. He did many evil things and was responsible for the […]Continue Reading

Enriched by Service

On March 25, 2011 By
Guest Blog by Brynn Schmidt   I lead a team at our church that serves one of the poorest schools in our community and county, with a large population of children from undocumented families. I have seen firsthand the effects that poverty and fear within the undocumented community, have on the children, and it breaks […]Continue Reading

Unmasking Fear

On February 22, 2011 By
Love is the impulse that allowed Jesus to migrate from his place of celestial power to take on the form of a third-class servant who rode an ass and withstood the insults of those who feared him. We must follow in His steps. Silence is complicity and fear is its accomplice. May we replace silence with joyful proclamations of a blessed King who comes in the name of the Lord to infuse us with a fearless love that makes all of us cross borders of fear.Continue Reading

Walls and Fences

On February 9, 2011 By
We live in a world of walls. We put up fences around our suburban homes and bars on our windows. We place razor wire around our businesses and churches. We construct walls to keep immigrants from entering our country.Continue Reading
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