We can’t be faithful in applying Scripture—which mentions immigrants over and over again (Lev. 19:33-34, Ex. 12:49, Mal. 3:5, Ps. 146:9, Ezek. 22:7, just to name a few)—to our daily lives unless we begin the conversation. This film is designed to spark conversation.


Download the film here. Depending on your context, you may need to find a space to host the showing and make sure you have a projector, speakers, etc. If you’re a high school student, show the film to your youth pastor or leader and ask if you could show it at a youth group gathering. If you’re a college student, think of a student organization that might sponsor a showing of the film, perhaps with a response and discussion on immigration from a panel you could organize. Be creative!

Go Deeper…

Particularly if you’re watching the film in a small group, talk through it together afterwards. Here are some discussion questions to get you started:
  • What are your stereotypes of an undocumented immigrant? In what ways do Michael and his family conform to or challenge those stereotypes?
  • Michael and his family visit Ellis Island, which was the first point of arrival for many immigrants to the United States historically. What is your family’s story? How might your own immigrant history affect how you think about immigrants today?
  • Michael’s family came to faith in Jesus here in the United States, and church is now a huge part of their life. What could your church do to reach out to newly immigrated families?
  • In the film, Pastor Felix suggests that the fact that we have received grace from God should inform the way that we interact with undocumented immigrants. What do you think?

Report Back!

We want to know how your event went—please check back in and let us know. What was the response?  

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