Guest Blog by: Robert Chao Romero On April 25, the United States Supreme Court ruled on the constitutionality of Arizona’s controversial SB-1070 law.   This mean-spirited anti-immigrant legislation allows state law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of individuals as part of a lawful arrest, stop, or detention if they have “reasonable suspicion” the […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Don Balla Christians in Nazi Germany, when they disobeyed laws ordering them to impose sanctions on Jews, had no constitutional protection.  Disobedience meant prison or death. We Christians in the United States are more fortunate.  When we resist laws ordering us to impose sanctions on undocumented immigrants, our Constitution supports us. […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Ian Danley Arizona won a significant victory last week when Russell Pearce, author of SB1070, lost in a first-ever recall election.  It was not without great effort.  I’m reflecting today on the lessons of the work and how we traveled from the darkness of SB1070 to the hope we feel today. The […]Continue Reading
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