A Testminoy

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I wasn’t born a Christian nor did I grow up in a home where Jesus Christ was welcomed. Even my town or country neither appreciated nor accepted the ultimate truth about who God really is. This is because I was born in Iran. Christianity had been […]Continue Reading

      Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on March 2, 2011. I met Jesus in jail today.  Actually, there have been many wrongly and unjustly incarcerated men named Jesús.  Yet, somehow on this day in a cold and unwelcoming room of concrete, harsh incandescent lighting, and a permeating smell resembling a combination […]Continue Reading
      We all know that Jesus was a Jew, however, he and his disciples were referred to as Galileans. By knowing that he was from Galilee, people in general, Jerusalem Jews, and especially religious leaders assumed his social context. A context where Phoenicians, Syrians, Arabs, Greeks, Orientals, and Jews were neighbors, […]Continue Reading

Jesus in the Margins

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      Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on February 6th, 2013. Jesus: I’m increasingly stunned how He came in the midst of the messiness and margins of humanity surrounded by the whispers of scandal.  He was without welcome in His father’s home town, welcomed by the low-class shepherds and Gentile kings, the target of […]Continue Reading

A Weird Remembrance

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Editor’s note: This blog originally appeared on Tim’s blog, Dividing Walls. Permission was given to repost it.

Ten years ago the elders of our church made a bold decision to relocate from a wealthy suburb or Atlanta to an unknown place.  All we knew was that we would focus […]Continue Reading
I used to think I loved and understood immigrants. I taught ESL in the States to immigrant and refugee children during the day and helped with free ESL classes for their parents at night. I volunteered with refugee youth groups and activities and lived in a neighborhood with a high immigrant population. I had taken […]Continue Reading
Editor’s Note: This post is the third in a four part series on immigration that originally appeared on Pastor Alan Kraft’s blog, alankraft.me In my last two posts, we have been looking at the topic of immigration. As mentioned earlier, my goal is not to offer simplistic solutions or even political ones. […]Continue Reading
Editor’s Note: This post is the second in a four part series on immigration that originally appeared on Pastor Alan Kraft’s blog, alankraft.me In my last post, I looked at a foundational question as it relates to our attitude toward immigration. As followers of Christ, do we love the immigrant? God […]Continue Reading
Editors Note: Every Friday, we will try to feature one of our G92 Fellows as guest contributors. G92 Fellows are a group of college students who are committed to mobilizing their campuses around the country for immigration reform. This past week saw my first event as a G92 Fellow at my […]Continue Reading
As I mentioned in my last post, we have been learning about immigration in our Border Fellows class. The following is a random assortment of things I never knew (or thought about) regarding immigration in the US: 1. Jesus was a refugee. According to Matthew 2:13-16, Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled to Egypt […]Continue Reading
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