Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on redletterchistians.org in February 2015 and can be found here. ____________________________________________________________________________   Marco Saavedra is an artist, poet, writer, and sometime-dishwasher at his parents’ restaurant in the Bronx. He’s also an undocumented immigrant and one of nine Dreamers who, in 2013, turned themselves over to border patrol at Nogales, AZ […]Continue Reading

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on the Biblical Theological Seminary blog in November 2015. 

I found the photo below in the Oct 19, 2015 issue of Time, which covered the movement of some 60 million refugees on the move worldwide right now. I found this photo and others in the magazine documenting the […]Continue Reading
As an immigration lawyer I have had the privilege of working with refugees from across the globe. They are regular people forced to endure the worst the world has to offer. Their stories are harrowing. Many— including children— have posttraumatic stress disorder and other mental and physical scars. Even those who have been resettled in […]Continue Reading

A Testminoy

On April 27, 2015 By

I wasn’t born a Christian nor did I grow up in a home where Jesus Christ was welcomed. Even my town or country neither appreciated nor accepted the ultimate truth about who God really is. This is because I was born in Iran. Christianity had been […]Continue Reading

Editor’s Note: This is a speech that Maryam Bighash gave in a speech competition.

I have always dreamed of sharing these thoughts, so that one day they become actions.

Today, I will be talking about The United States: a nation of immigrants!

As President Obama says: “Our immigration system is […]Continue Reading

      We all know that Jesus was a Jew, however, he and his disciples were referred to as Galileans. By knowing that he was from Galilee, people in general, Jerusalem Jews, and especially religious leaders assumed his social context. A context where Phoenicians, Syrians, Arabs, Greeks, Orientals, and Jews were neighbors, […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s note: This blog originally appeared on Bread for the World’s blog. Permission was given by the moderator to repost.  It also appeared on the G92 blog in December 2013. My dad was a born a migrant. He likes to talk about the storm that was raging the night of his birth, but […]Continue Reading
In observation of The Welcome.us Immigrant Heritage Month campaign, Glee alum Naya Rivera has directed a compelling PSA offering viewers a glimpse of the cultural elements of immigration. The three minute video, written by Paula Mendoza, is set in New York City and depicts the rich and diverse backgrounds of immigrants to the United States. […]Continue Reading

This year I attended the Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C., where faith leaders from multiple denominations gathered together to advocate for peace. During the conference, I attended a session about violence against Central American migrants in transit through Mexico.

Immediately, the speakers had my attention. The session was led […]Continue Reading

Editor’s Note: This post is the final installment in a four part series on immigration that originally appeared on Pastor Alan Kraft’s blog, alankraft.me .In this post, I want to discuss one more response I sometimes hear Christians articulating in the midst of the immigration discussion: “They’re breaking the law. Romans 13 says we […]Continue Reading
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