I was born in 1993 at the start of the advent season. Just when the candles of rejoicing were being lit for the coming Christ child, the singer and African immigrant Haddaway was setting the world on fire with his brand new top hit aptly entitled “What is Love?” Long before Haddaway posed this […]Continue Reading
Editor’s Note: This blog originally appeared on our site on August 5, 2011. Last night the anger still burned in me as I reflected on the events of the day.  In some respects it was a normal day, the normal interruptions of neighbors stopping by and staff popping in with questions.  The thing about […]Continue Reading


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Editor’s Note:  This post originally appeared June 1st 2012.

[illegal is illegal]

but i am a person illegal is illegal but i love, and am loved illegal is illegal but i know no other . . . illegal is illegal but i was a child, and am […]Continue Reading

In my early adult life, I have struggled with one common question: Where am I from, and who do I belong to? I was born in Iran, and left the country when I was eight years old to avoid religious, or maybe I should say, political persecution. At that time […]Continue Reading

Jesus Fail?

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      Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared April 6, 2012.  We are re-running it for this Good Friday. As I celebrated Holy Week, I found myself pondering the same things I seem to do each year. There is almost a dark “real time” anticipation of the events that transpired over 2000 years […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on March 2, 2011. I met Jesus in jail today.  Actually, there have been many wrongly and unjustly incarcerated men named Jesús.  Yet, somehow on this day in a cold and unwelcoming room of concrete, harsh incandescent lighting, and a permeating smell resembling a combination […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s Note: This post also appears on Danny Carroll’s personal blog,  He has given us permission to post it on our own blog.  For those who have been involved in efforts to encourage comprehensive immigration reform – whether within social, political, or religious networks – these last few months […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on May 23, 2012. In 2011, I spent six months living in northern Haiti, teaching English in a Christian university as well as in smaller schools in the area.  I had been in the country for about two months when this story happened. I was […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s Note: This blog originally appeared September 19, 2011. As I speak in local churches on the topic of immigration, challenging Christians to think about how our faith should inform the ways that they respond to the arrival of immigrants to our country, I never begin by talking about politics.  Contrary […]Continue Reading
      Editor’s Note: This blog originally appeared in August 2012. America prides itself for being the golden door of opportunity and freedom. Today, that ideal of being the refuge for the world is increasingly overshadowed by the competition for human capital in lucrative fields such as science, technology, and medicine. Instead of […]Continue Reading
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