Guest Blog by: Aaron Niequist

The idea that God loves EVERY ONE of his kids equally, no matter our history, nationality, beliefs, sins, strengths, etc, moves me so deeply.

“For nothing can separate us from the love of God…”

And not only do I want to learn how […]Continue Reading
This post originally ran on the Capital Commentary blog of the website of the Center for Public Justice. It was reprinted with permission and can be read here. Guest blog by: Tyler Johnson Immigration is a polarizing issue in the United States. Along with so many other issues of our day, in the […]Continue Reading

Gerardo’s Story

On February 24, 2012 By
Guest Blog by: Tim Campbell Gerardo was born in Mexico in 1991 and brought here at age 3 from Mexico by his mother. Having little memory of his native land, he can speak and understand Spanish, but cannot write it. Gerardo has three younger sisters, one undocumented and two born here. His stepfather was […]Continue Reading

Glimpses of Grace

On February 22, 2012 By
Guest Blog by: Jesus Romero The concept of grace is fundamental to Christianity.  In fact, if anyone asked me to name the most important word in the Bible, other than “Jesus”, it would be, without a doubt, the word “grace”. There are many different ways to define grace, but the one that nails it […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Diana Soerens I am a shameless addict of the hit British period drama, Downton Abbey. After a friend turned me on to it over Christmas break, I watched the entire first season in two days and joined a Sunday night viewing club for the second season. I just cannot get […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by Nathan Liu Could the “’Lin’-sanity” surrounding Jeremy Lin have happened without past immigration reform? There’s a chance it may not  have. It wasn’t until The Immigration Act of 1965 that the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was significantly repealed.  The 1943 Magnuson Act did allow 105 Chinese immigrants to enter […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Lisa Van Engen Growing up, there was a sweet girl who spoke broken English. Her name was Marigold and she was a few locker spaces down from my own in school.  Though she was young, her eyes spoke volumes about her family history.  Marigold came and went with the migratory seasons, […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Elizabeth Murray In January of 2001, a devastating earthquake hit the Central American country of El Salvador. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, at least 844 people were killed, 4,723 injured, 108,226 houses destroyed and more than 150,000 buildings damaged. The earthquake caused approximately 16,000 landslides.  Another earthquake with similar consequences […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Iris Clement “Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.” ~Charles Dickens I’ll admit that my generation (the “Millennials” or “Generation Y”) has its defects. We carry around a sense of entitlement, we are glued to our computer screens and smartphones; our communication skills (the 5-paragraph essay variety, not the […]Continue Reading
Guest Blog by: Melissa Manske Tuesday’s GOP Primary Debate in Florida found Gingrich and Romney competing for frontrunner status. Another thing they now apparently share is a position on the DREAM Act. After earlier proclaiming that undocumented, long-term residents should not be kicked out of the country and (I thought) sounding sympathetic to the […]Continue Reading
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