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Why Don't They Just Come the Legal Way?
For many Americans, whose ancestors migrated lawfully to the U.S., it is extremely frustrating that so many immigrants come today outside of lawful channels.  Why don’t they just come the legal way, the way that my ancestors did?
What Part of "Illegal" Don't You Understand?
Isn’t the term “undocumented” just a euphemism for “illegal aliens”? Is it an oxymoron to be a Christian undocumented immigrant? As a Christian, am I called to love those who have broken the law of the land?
Aren't Undocumented Immigrants a Drain on the Economy?
Do undocumented immigrants get free healthcare?  They don’t pay taxes either, do they?  Especially in the current tough economic climate, a lot of usually-compassionate people feel like we just can’t sustain immigrants coming into the country right now.
Why Don't They Just Learn English?
One of the biggest frustrations for non-immigrants is that sometimes it seems like immigrants—and, some presume, especially undocumented immigrants—just do not learn English.  If you’re going to be in this country, they feel, you need to learn the unifying language of this country.
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