[illegal is illegal]

but i am a person
illegal is illegal
but i love, and am loved
illegal is illegal
but i know no other . . .
illegal is illegal
but i was a child, and am now a man,
illegal is illegal
but whatever happened to justification?
illegal is illegal
illegal is illegal
but am i not free: like you?
illegal is illegal
but whosoever will, come.
illegal is illegal
but i am bone of your bone
illegal is illegal
flesh of your flesh
illegal is illegal
created by you!
illegal is illegal

but people are not . . .
illegal is illegal
but people are . . .
illegal is illegal
but i am: me
illegal is illegal
but . . .


[it is illegal]

to care for your family: illegal
to feed your loved ones: illegal
to honor your parents: illegal
to pursue dreams: illegal
to strive for more: illegal
to demand liberty: illegal
to want equality: illegal
to participate in democracy: illegal
to question bureaucracy: illegal
to claim your story: illegal
to rescue the oppressed: illegal
to clothe the naked: illegal
to heal the hungry: illegal
to be the stranger: illegal
to be you: illegal

¿to be me?



Marco Saavedra is a painter and blogger at Undocumented Ohio, where these poems and pictures originally appeared, and serves on the End Deportations group for the National Immigrant Youth Alliance. Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, he enjoys painting, poetry, and prayer. 


Please note that the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of everyone associated with G92 or any institutions with which the blogger may be affiliated. 


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