The EIT Fellowship is a selective program that runs June 1 – August 22, 2014. The Fellowship aims to promote a biblical understanding of and response to the issue of immigration among Evangelical churches nationwide. Fellows will work directly with an Evangelical Immigration Table Church Mobilizer to equip churches to respond to the issue of immigration in a variety of ways, with a focus on advocacy.


What’s the EIT? 

The Evangelical Immigration Table is a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders advocating for immigration reform consistent with biblical values. The Evangelical Immigration Table is led by and composed of the following member organizations:
 Bread for the World
 Christian Community Development Association
 Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
 Esperanza
 Liberty Counsel
 National Association of Evangelicals
 National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
 National Latino Evangelical Coalition
 Sojourners
 World Relief
 World Vision


Why immigration? At G92, we believe responding to the issue of immigration from a distinctly Christian perspective involves several things. For one thing, the Bible calls us to have a special concern for the vulnerable, including the immigrant. Part of that concern involves ministering to individual immigrants’ needs, of course. However, we believe that we must also address the systemic problems that limit many immigrants from flourishing.


When it comes to immigration, there is no question that our country’s current laws are harmful to millions of our immigrant brothers and sisters. Families are separated, workers are exploited, and approximately 11.5 million people are trapped in the shadows with no recourse to rectify their legal situation. However, our current system doesn’t only harm immigrants: it also presents public safety and national security risks, stifles economic growth, and mocks the ideal of the rule of law. In short, Christians should care about immigration reform because fixing dysfunctional laws is a great way to live out the biblical commandment to love our neighbors—including those who are immigrants.


Why now? Immigration reform has been politically elusive for decades, but many observers believe that 2014 will be the year that it could finally become a reality. Members of Congress of both parties are now expressing a significant desire to fix our nation’s broken immigration system, but the opportunity must be seized now. The last time major immigration reform legislation was passed was in 1986—meaning that if immigration reform is not passed now, countless more millions could suffer needlessly for decades before the next opportunity arises.


Why you? Students have always had a unique ability to bring about change. In fact, students—many of them motivated by their Christian faith—were some of the key drivers of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Today, you have a chance to carry on this tradition and bring about a significant, lasting change that could improve the lives of millions. In the process, you’ll also acquire valuable training and experience, equipping you for future ministry and career opportunities.


Why the EIT Fellowship? The EIT Fellowship will allow you to be a part of something huge: joining the national effort to help Christians engage with the issue of immigration from a distinctly biblical perspective. In addition, you will gain hands-on experience working in the fields of organizing/mobilization, public policy, and the intersection of faith and public life, among others.


Is this a paid position? This Fellowship does not offer financial compensation.


I am undocumented – can I apply? Absolutely! All are welcome to apply, regardless of legal status.


What level of commitment is expected?

This Fellowship is a full-time position. Fellows are expected to work 30-40 hours/week (based on their availability and other commitments) Fellows will be expected and required to:
 Assist Evangelical Immigration Table Mobilizer in promoting understanding of immigration from a biblical perspective in churches in their community; examples of this include coordinating events, lectures, or film screenings, and visiting churches and small groups
 Build and expand databases of Evangelical Immigration Table contacts; track signatories to the Evangelical Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform
 Representing the Evangelical Immigration Table at conferences and church gatherings
 Develop written materials and content for social media accounts
 Participate in weekly Fellows Conference Calls with guest speakers and opportunities to share updates on everyone’s work
 Other duties as assigned/needed


Where are Fellowships available?
 Arizona
 California
 Colorado
 Florida
 Georgia
 Idaho
 Illinois
 Kentucky
 Louisiana
 Michigan
 Minnesota
 Nebraska
 Nevada
 North Carolina
 Ohio
 South Carolina
 Texas
 Utah


What qualifications should I have to apply?
 Full affirmation of Evangelical Principles for Immigration Reform
 Strong attention to detail
 Familiarity with the legislative process
 Ability to relate to evangelical community
 Knowledge and experience working on political or advocacy campaign
 Knowledge and experience working with evangelical community
 Ability to take initiative, multitask, work quickly and be flexible
 A good sense of humor
 Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
 Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communications skills
 Bachelor’s degree or current enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate program, preferably in religion, communications, political science, international relations or a related field
 The ability to speak and write in Spanish is a plus



How do I apply? You can apply at  http://g92.org/eit-fellowship/application; the priority deadline to apply is May 16, 2014.


I’ve applied – when will I hear back? All applicants who applied by priority deadline will be informed by May 23 if they have been selected. Questions on application process can be sent to [email protected]



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